This class is designed for the very advanced shooter who is looking to take their training to the next level.  This class also incorporates many team movements and exercises.  As this class involves a large student participation it’s availability may be limited.


During this course the students will learn the basics of building searches and room clearing by themselves and with a partner.  They will be taught how to approach unknown areas and clear them the safest way possible.  The students will also be using multiple weapons platforms and be taught how to transition smoothly from one to another if the situation dictates.  Students will be taught how to load, reload, and acquire targets while using cover in a tactical environment.


Students are responsible for both eye and ear protection, and ammunition.  A hat, long sleeve shirt, and jeans are highly recommended.  Students should also bring their own hydration as the pace of the class and location will dictate the frequency of breaks.


Because of the nature of the class, students are encouraged to bring additional protective gear such as elbow and knee pads.  Students should also bring any tactical gear such as carriers and mag pouches.
The students are also encouraged to bring shotguns and carbines to get the most out of the class.

Weapons can be provided to the student for the duration of the class for 25 dollars. (Must be scheduled prior to the class.)


Recommended ammunition count for this class is between 300-400 rounds if only bringing a handgun.    If the student is bringing a shotgun, the recommendation is 250-350 rounds of handgun and 50 rounds of buckshot only.  If the student is bringing a carbine, the recommendation is 300-400 rounds of carbine ammunition and 100 rounds of handgun ammunition.


In order to minimize risk of injury and damage to the facility it is mandatory that all carbine ammunition be frangible and all shotgun ammunition be buckshot/birdshot.



Unless specified, all range fees are to be paid by the student.


Group rates are available.