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This class is designed for the intermediate or advanced shooting student who is looking to develop the skills and mindset necessary to defend themselves in their home with either a handgun or shotgun.


During this class the student will be shown different methods on how to defend their home with a handgun or shotgun.  This class deals with tactics as well as shooting and will be slightly more classroom intensive than the other programs.  The student will also be shown on how to move through   the home safely with a firearm.  Discussions on weapon selection and storage will also be covered.


Students are responsible for both eye and ear protection, ammunition and handgun.  A hat, long sleeve shirt, and jeans are highly recommended.  Students should also bring their own hydration as the pace of the class and location will dictate the frequency of breaks.  Students are encouraged to bring their own magazine pouches and holsters.


Weapons can be provided to the student for the duration of the class for 25 dollars. (Must be scheduled prior to the class.)


Recommended ammunition count for this class is between 250-300 rounds of handgun and if the student is using a shotgun 50 rounds of buckshot/birdshot.


Shotgun ammunition is to be buckshot/birdshot only.    


Unless specified, all range fees are to be paid by the student.


Group rates are available.