Mosby RAPID Rescue Spanish 2006


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RAPID Rescue Spanish provides the essential questions and answers needed to perform complete assessments, discuss treatment plans, and manage all aspects of patient care and transportation for Spanish-speaking patients. Perfect for the classroom and the field, this valuable tool is pocket sized, spiral bound, and water and stain resistant.


  • Appropriate for any health care provider conducting initial assessment.
  • Organized to follow the sequence of an actual EMS call, this field guide covers everything from arrival at the scene to arrival at the hospital.
  • Questions are specially structured to use words that are easier to pronounce for non-Spanish speakers.
  • Answers to assessment questions are the most common and most likely responses given by Spanish-speaking patients.
  • Acronyms and mnemonics commonly used in EMS complaint-specific assessments make locating assessment questions quick and easy.
  • Chapters are organized by most common types of medical complaints.
  • Colored tabs separate and identify each section so readers can quickly locate information in an emergency.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use, this spiral-bound field guide lays flat, fits in a pocket, and is formatted for quick reference during an EMS call.