This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced shotgun shooter.  This class is focused on the shooter who wants to move from the recreational/hunting shotgun shooter into having the ability to handle the shotgun in a tactical environment.




During this course students will be taught how to move with a shotgun, combat load, and acquire targets in a tactical environment.  Students will be shown methods for working with a shotgun in tight environments.  Students will also develop the ability to transition from shotguns to handguns if it becomes necessary.


Students are responsible for both eye and ear protection, ammunition and carbine.  A hat, long sleeve shirt, and jeans are highly recommended.  Students should also bring their own hydration as the pace of the class and location will dictate the frequency of breaks.  Students are encouraged to bring their own magazine pouches and holsters.


Because of the nature of the class students should also bring a handgun and holster.


Recommended ammunition count for this class is 150 rounds of buckshot/birdshot.  Students who bring handguns should also bring 100-150 rounds of handgun ammunition.


Shotgun ammunition is to be buckshot/birdshot only.    


Unless specified, all range fees are to be paid by the student.


Group rates are available.