This class is designed for the beginner to intermediate shooting student.

After completion of this course the student will be able to effectively function check, sight-in, load, and manipulate the rifle.  Instruction includes how to properly hold the rifle, stances, sling operation, trigger control, and magazine exchanges.  Instruction includes both range time and classroom time. 

Students are responsible for both eye and ear protection, ammunition and rifle.  A hat, long sleeve shirt, and jeans are highly recommended.  Students should also bring their own hydration as the pace of the class and location will dictate the frequency of breaks.  Students are encouraged to bring their own magazine pouches and holsters.

In order to minimize risk of injury and damage to the facility, it is mandatory that all ammunition be frangible.

Because of range limitations, maximum caliber is 5.56mm.  Please call if you want to use a larger caliber as other range arrangements can be made.

Weapons can be provided to the student for the duration of the class for 25 dollars. (Must be scheduled prior to the class.)

Recommended ammunition count for this class is between 250-300 rounds. 


Unless specified, all range fees are to be paid by the student.


Group rates are available.