30th of July 2018 06:36 PM Link
Amazing high angle rescue by our brothers at City of Miami Fire Rescue. #strongwork #FLTF2 #USAR
7th of June 2018 03:41 PM Link
Wow! Incredible save!
6th of June 2018 12:25 PM Link
6th of June 2018 10:02 AM Link
Be familiar with your SCBA Systems. Practice often and challenge yourselves so that muscle memory kicks in when things go bad. Train like your life depends on it! #firefightertraining #firetraining #scba #scottairpack #buddybreathing #chiefmiller #firnatine #firechief #training #brotherhood #floridafirefighters @chief_miller @firnatinetrain @firefighter_posts @firefighter_insta_gram @firefightersunmasked @firefighting_obsession @firefighters_daily @brotherhood_of_firefighters @scottsafety
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1st of June 2018 10:39 AM Link
31st of May 2018 04:44 PM Link
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31st of May 2018 09:08 AM Link
Employment opportunity in Lake Whales, FL
31st of May 2018 08:00 AM Link
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30th of May 2018 01:54 PM Link
World Wide Emergency Services Institute has trained thousands firefighters since our establishment 2009. Word of mouth, good instructors, social media, and a little grass roots marketing are the reasons why we are still here! We are asking that any past or current students take a moment of your day to write a Google review on us so we can continue to grow with your help. Thank you brothers and sisters for your support!!
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30th of May 2018 10:22 AM Link
30th of May 2018 10:17 AM Link
We had @wptv Miranda Christian as a guest speaker today in our ATPC2706 Public Information Officer class today! Thank you for coming out and sharing your knowledge and experiences with us so our students are better prepared for their roles as future PIO’s. #pio #firefighter #firechief #publicinformationofficer #brotherhood #firnatine #firnatinetrain #chiefmiller #bocaraton #bocaratonfirerescue @citybocaraton @wwesi @chief_miller @firnatinetrain @firefighters_daily @brotherhood_of_firefighters @firefightersunmasked @firefighting_obsession @floridafirefightersafety @ Boca Raton Fire Rescue
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29th of May 2018 08:33 AM Link
28th of May 2018 09:59 PM Link
25th of May 2018 12:18 PM Link
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25th of May 2018 12:17 PM Link
Our new brochure for WWESITT!
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25th of May 2018 12:13 PM Link
Here are some great pics of our students in the ATPC2706 Public Information Officer Class from Boca Raton Fire Rescue, role playing a news conference.
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24th of May 2018 10:03 AM Link
23rd of May 2018 05:40 PM Link
23rd of May 2018 10:27 AM Link
Seats still available!
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22nd of May 2018 05:05 PM Link
Congrats to Chief Ryan Lamb and the Cape Coral Fire Department!