3rd of July 2018 11:04 PM Link
Excellent message from one of our brothers and also a student of WWESI.
3rd of July 2018 10:59 PM Link
28th of June 2018 09:48 PM Link
Hey everyone!! Just wanted to invite all my brothers and sisters from the military, police, fire, and EMS to come out tomorrow night as we will be there along with @operationaquaticfreedom Come out and show your patriotism by hanging out for happy hour at the Wilder! $25.00 donation gets you a drink and appetizers! Come dressed in your best patriotic outfit and get the chance to win a $50 bar tab! Hope to see you there! @elcaminoftlauderdale @bsquareburgers @catalystfitnessfl @botanicavita @anthonyscoalfiredpizza @wwesi @_thewilder_ @operationaquaticfreedom @cityoffortlauderdale #veterans #running4vets #thewilder #fundraiser #partylikeapatriot #happyhour #operationaquaticfreedom @ The Wilder
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28th of June 2018 07:55 PM Link
Come out for happy hour this Friday to meet team members from Operation Aquatic Freedom! WWESI is a proud sponsor of #OAF
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25th of June 2018 01:36 PM Link
Rest In Peace Captain David Rosa 🙏🏻😢
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25th of June 2018 12:03 PM Link
Thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers in Long Beach Fire Department.
23rd of June 2018 09:13 AM Link
Grab a free coffee or drink today compliments of the Circ Hotel HOLLYWOOD! All public service personnel! This includes teachers, public works, parks, police, fire, military, etc.
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21st of June 2018 03:32 PM Link
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20th of June 2018 04:57 PM Link
Today I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch with Senior Inspector Bob Lemons who is not only a great friend, but a mentor, instructor, and 30 year veteran of Boca Raton Fire Rescue. He will be retiring from service on Friday and will be taking with him an incredible amount of knowledge and experience. We are fortunate to have him as an integral part of the WWESI team. #goodbyetensionhellopension #retired #firefighter #fireinstructor #fireinspector #fireinvestigator #bocaratonfirerescue #brotherhood #family #chiefmiller #firnatinetrain @brotherhood_of_firefighters @floridafirefightersafety @chief_miller @firnatinetrain @firefightersunmasked @firefighters_daily @citybocaraton
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15th of June 2018 11:55 AM Link
Great roof ventilation technique!
14th of June 2018 03:20 PM Link
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12th of June 2018 02:07 PM Link
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8th of June 2018 10:29 PM Link
Rest In Peace Chef. You will be missed
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7th of June 2018 03:41 PM Link
Wow! Incredible save!
6th of June 2018 12:25 PM Link
6th of June 2018 10:02 AM Link
Be familiar with your SCBA Systems. Practice often and challenge yourselves so that muscle memory kicks in when things go bad. Train like your life depends on it! #firefightertraining #firetraining #scba #scottairpack #buddybreathing #chiefmiller #firnatine #firechief #training #brotherhood #floridafirefighters @chief_miller @firnatinetrain @firefighter_posts @firefighter_insta_gram @firefightersunmasked @firefighting_obsession @firefighters_daily @brotherhood_of_firefighters @scottsafety
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1st of June 2018 10:39 AM Link
31st of May 2018 04:44 PM Link
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31st of May 2018 09:08 AM Link
Employment opportunity in Lake Whales, FL
31st of May 2018 08:00 AM Link
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