19th of May 2018 10:29 AM Link
Stay safe out there brothers and sisters!
16th of May 2018 04:49 PM Link
Amazing picture capturing the muzzle flash and bullet traveling as one of our students was getting some target practice. Photo credit to NRA Instructor @nick_koutsouvanos @delrayshootingcenter @nratv @nationalrifleassociation @glockinc @smithandwessongear @kimberamerica #nracertifiedinstructor #pistolsafety #pistolinstructor #nra #pewpewpew #gunsafety #rangesafetyofficer #delrayshootingcenter #ccw #concealedcarry #2ndamendment @gunsdaily @guns_girls_freedom
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15th of May 2018 04:57 PM Link
Some pics from the Fire Officer I & II classes we facilitated in cooperation with West Palm Beach Fire Rescue @wpbfire It was an honor to work with some of the best in the business. WWESI owner and lead instructor @nick_koutsouvanos. @wpbfire @firefightersunmasked @firefighters_daily @chief_miller @firnatinetrain @browardsheriffofficial @ West Palm Beach, Florida
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14th of May 2018 02:48 PM Link
Incredible tactics by our brothers in Paris France.
13th of May 2018 05:11 PM Link
Refuse to be a victim! Be a responsible concealed carry gun owner, get trained, protect yourself and those around you.
12th of May 2018 07:43 AM Link
This cancer research initiative done by UM and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue demonstrates how we transfer carcinogens from a fire to our homes and families. This invisible danger is real, remember to decontaminate with a gross wash down after every fire.
11th of May 2018 09:21 AM Link
10th of May 2018 07:07 PM Link
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10th of May 2018 04:11 PM Link
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4th of May 2018 11:36 PM Link
2nd of May 2018 08:24 PM Link
2nd of May 2018 08:24 PM Link
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2nd of May 2018 08:20 PM Link
Training industrial firefighters at our facility in Trinidad!
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2nd of May 2018 03:55 PM Link
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2nd of May 2018 02:48 PM Link
Moving along in our ATPC2706 Public Information Officer class hosted by Boca Raton Fire Rescue. Full class of students including Fire Chief Tom Wood, Deputy Fire Chief Woodside, as well as various other members of their administrative and fire prevention staff.
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29th of April 2018 09:52 PM Link
#sundayfunday at the range with WWESI! We offer basic pistol safety course, required if you wish to obtain a concealed carry permit. Contact us to schedule a class!
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16th of April 2018 11:00 AM Link
13th of April 2018 06:52 PM Link
Come out and support Operation Aquatic Freedom as they do their 1st annual Pig Roast on the beach!
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13th of April 2018 12:57 PM Link
Please share
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