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28th of November 2018 06:00 PM Link
26th of November 2018 11:14 AM Link
City of Miami is hiring! Small window of opportunity to apply!
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20th of November 2018 02:58 PM Link
Please be safe during the holidays!!!
16th of November 2018 04:34 PM Link
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WWESI gets it done with Fire Department Coffee! Get yours!
12th of November 2018 04:19 PM Link
7th of November 2018 06:02 PM Link
Bob Lemons is teaching the Public Information Officer class at the City of Miami Fire College this week. A special thank you to Captain Ignatius “Iggy” Carroll, Miami FD’s PIO who stopped by and spoke to the class this afternoon. Also a HUGE thank you to Ann & Christina from Dux & Boomer for giving a presentation from a reporters point of view. It was a sad day in class as one of their brother firefighters passed away last night while on duty. RIP Brother, we’ll take it from here.
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7th of November 2018 11:04 AM Link
Rest In Peace brother. City of Miami firefighter found dead in fire station 😢🙏🏼
30th of October 2018 03:07 PM Link
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